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After the World War I, all the romanian territory, which was divided  into 3 empires, (the Otoman, the Austro-Hungarian and the Russian), was finally reunited in 1918 under the KINGDOM OF ROMANIA.

Nevertheless, years later, in 1939 starts the World War II. In that moment, the King and government of Romania were allies of Germany against the USSR. Due to that, once the war was finished in 1945, Romania was heavily punished by Stalin, as well as it happened with the most part of central-eastern Europe.

The communist tyrant of Moscow, removed the Monarchy from the country, and installed a communist satellite-regime, ruled from the Kremlin. They made a great territorial lost against the romanian people. They lost:

- The south of the Dobrogea region, which was included into Bulgaria.
- The whole region of Basarabia, which was included into the USSR.
- The north of the Bucovina region, which was included into the USSR.

Once in the USSR the borders were changed in a weird way. North Bucovina was included in the SSR Ukraine, as well as a piece of the north of Bessarabia. The coastal zone of Bessarabia (a district called Budjak) was also included in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the main central land of the region, was separated as the SSR of Moldova. But that included a non-romanian territory, in the right side of Dniester river.

Once the USSR had fallen at the end of 1991, both Ukraine and Moldova got independent, among many other countries. The flag of Moldova is the same than romanian. The language of Moldova is romanian. Then Moldova, its a part of Romania forced to be separated from their motherland.  All the Moldova, excepting that non-romanian thin territory who declared the independence: TRANSNISTRIA.

In the actual days, there's an increasing popular and political voice claming for the reunification of Moldova into Romania. There are often parades in both sides of the border, in Bucharest and Chisinau, claming for the further union.

But not only should take part the reuinification of Romania and Moldova. They both should negotiate also with Ukraine to make an exchange of territories: 
Romania would retake North Bucovina and coastal Bessarabia, and Ukraine would take in return the current moldovan territory of Transnistria. In that case, the border between Romania and Ukraine, would be the Dniester river, creating a new and clear line, which should become a future fixed, very defined and very stable border.


- TERRITORY: 295.049 km²

- POPULATION: 25.371.505

- GDP: 235.832


1- BUCAREST: 2.082.000
2- CHISINAU: 647.513
3- IASI: 323.663
4- TIMISOARA: 321.440
5- CLUJ-NAPOCA: 319.215
6- CONSTANTA: 301.951
7- CRAIOVA: 299.579
8- GALATI: 290.467
9- BRASOV: 277.569
10- CERNAUTI: 259.419

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It was a time when the Netherlands were a powerful land. During the XVI century, they ruled a big and united territory. They were also one of the main sailors lands of the world, being pioners in north America, funding a colonial province around the city of New Amsterdam, which today, is the city of New York.

But later they had a period of decline, in which they were invaded by France, who took for its domain a good part of dutch southern territories, and strengthening the presence of the french language in the area. Finally the former territory was divided into several countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and some province, whick was into France.

In the middle of XX century, they created a project of union among the low countries, with an undefinied range of unity, inicially oriented into a common free market. The project was called BENELUX. So it means: BElgium + NEtherlands + LUXembourg.

These very little countries, once united and strong, have lost all their influence in this globalized world. Not only that, but they are even incurring in a big opportunity cost. If they were once again united, they would have a very rich country, with a big influence inside the European Union, with a new powerful voice in the international scene, and a strong internal market. A clear example of how union makes force.

This is the map and data of the new country:

- Netherlands
- Belgium
- Luxemburg
- Nord-Pas de Calais (French Flanders)

- SURFACE: 87.071 km2
- POPULATION: 31.839.997
- GDP: 1.453.152


1- BRUSSELS: 1.885.319
2- AMSTERDAM: 1.364.422
3- ANTWERP: 1.190.769
4- ROTTERDAM: 1.181.284
5- LILLE: 1.164.716
6- DEN HAAG: 1.022.256
7- GENT: 594.582
8- LIEGE: 550.782
9- CHARLEROI: 522.522
10- UTRECHT: 489.734

viernes, 26 de junio de 2015


The word "Spain", comes from the latin word HISPANIA. That's how the romans called the peninsula which was also named IBERIA by the greeks. Then with the time, the roman name survived for the country (its evolution, to España), and the greek name survived for the geographical name of the land: Iberian peninsula.

May some people would ask why Portugal exist as an independent territory, in the western corner of Spain. Are Spain and Portugal so different? Not at all.

So well: from the beginning, the ancient peoples of the peninsula (iberians and celtics), were mixed as the same way, making no differences between the current Spain or current Portugal. After the roman invasion, they called the land Hispania. They divided the peninsula into several provinces. Parts from both countries were united into same provinces, making no difference.

After roman fall, in  V Century, Hispania was invaded by "barbarians" (germanic and caucasian peoples). Then, it was funded the KINGDOM OF HISPANIA. In that kingdom, the territories of Spain and Portugal, were still just one.

Years later, Hispania was invaded by the arabic caliphate, then the kingdom was broken. The new christian king, hidden in the very north, began the RECONQUEST of the land. Nevertheless, like was common during middle age, there was not a only kingdom, but the territory started to be divided into smaller kingdoms, who were reconquering the territory from north to south. Around the year 1100, the main spanish crown, the Kingdom of Leon-Castille, had in its territory also the territory or Portugal til the line of Lisbon.

Someday, a lord from a western territory declared his domain as independent. Then in te reconquest were 5 kingdoms and 1 county: Portugal, Leon, Castilla, Navarra, Aragon and Barcelona county. During next times, those territories began to unify, due to dinastic marriages, familiar treaties, etc. That way, Castilla and Leon formed an only crown. Aragon absorbed the Barcelona county. During XV century, it happened 2 options, a marriage between castillian  Queen with the King of Aragon or King of Portugal. Any of both decisions would created a different new Kingdom... and finally the chosen was Castilla+Aragon (conquering after Navarra by force). When that kings finished the reconquer, taking the moorish Kingdom of Granada, Spain, a new kingdom was born.

The Catholic Monarchs and the Portugal king, wanted that their sons would married each other, to create finally 1 only kingdom in the whole peninsula, big and powerful. But the heritors sadly died and that union was not possible. Then another marriage made a dinastic union between Spain and Germany. Years after, the King Philip II, reached the dream, Spain and Portugal got unified during the Golden Century, creating the most powerful empire on earth.

After Philip death, another lord claimed the throne of Portugal, and started a war. Then, Spain was the hegemonic 1st world power, and the british empire his worst enemy. The english, in their way to make Spain weaker, supported the independence of Portugal, what was reached. But even that, London declared Portugal as their main allied, and they guaranteed to the portugueses crown its independence. Any attempt of Spain to reconquer Portugal, would mean a war with England. Then, during all modern times, never was possible to make the dream of the iberian peoples, to see their territory unified in only 1 kingdom.


We live in crisis times. The biggest nations of the world are growing in a velocity impossible to reach for the classical european nations, who has little territories, comparing to the rest of continents. The UNION MAKES FORCE. Spain and Portugal had been looking each other back to back since their independence. Not enemies, but not friends, just ignoring each other during long time... their biggest mistake ever.

An union between the current 2 countries would create a biggest and powerful country, unifying finally the whole peninsula. A big country that would create a concentrical axis, with the huge city of Madrid, and very important portuary cities in the mediterranean coast at east, and in the atlantic coast at west. Its numbers, will create a country with same population and economic size than UK, Italy and France, the 3 bigers under Germany. 

That union would include also 6 archipelagos, one in the Mediterranean, and the 5 archipelagos from the Macaronesia, in the Atlantic. That would include in the union the little country of CABO VERDE. That islands were firstly ever colonizated by Portugal, and belonged to Portugal until 1975. They have portuguese as the only oficial language.


- TERRITORY: 601.069 km²
- POPULATION: 58.328.084
- GDP: 1.580.579

BIGGEST CITIES (metropolitan population):

1- Madrid: 6.052.247
2- Barcelona: 4.542.490
3- Lisboa: 2.832.384
4- Porto: 2.459.470
5- Valencia: 1.729.491
6- Sevilla: 1.360.361
7- Málaga: 953.251
8- Bilbao: 910.578
9- Zaragoza: 746.152
10- Alicante-Elche: 785.020

martes, 23 de junio de 2015


During long centuries of history, lots of different facts had designed the current order and status of all the international borders. Some countries are so ancient, coming from the dawn of civilizations... others nevertheless, have just few years of history. Wars, invasions, colonizations, migrations, political conferences, tyrants decissions... the list of facts about how nations, borders and states had been modified across the time, is so long and diverse.

You may asked to yourself ever in time, if the ownership of a territory by any particular country was fair or unfair. If a border line between 2 countries could change or not in future to adapt to the demographic or ethnical reality of a place. If a country could take back some historical posessions. Or even why some similar countries are so divided among them with no sense.

I am one of those who thinks that current international borders are full of mistakes and iniquities. We live in a world everytime more and more globalized, where everything seems to be erverytime closer, and feeling that world becomes smaller. There's a bad planification of the states and borders. Lots and lots of countries are living a huge OPPORTUNITY COST, because of their territorial configuration.

Countries that could be much more united, stronger, with a powerful inner economy, with a bright future... but they are losing opportunities today.

Borders changed so quick and so easy in past times. Today, otherwise, it seems that change a border is a chimera, an ilusion, something unreachable and crazy.. and I ask myself: WHY?

I guess we must make in future a big international conference, where all the nations could seat in a table to negotiate the state of borders in many cases. To negotiate about how to fuse several countries to make bigger ones. To negotiate to exchange provinces or territories who are bad configured. To negotiate even to sell and buy any historical territory lost for anyone in past. I'm 100% sure that lots of borders would change if we let the peoples talk, deal and make agreements.

My mission in that site is to anticipate the future. I will analyze the whole world with a deep vission, who the borders of the world should be better organizated and configured. I will post all the examples until i'm finished with all the world countries. Don't miss it... we're just starting!